Pneumatic Actuators

A proven range of pneumatic actuators offering the options of rack and pinion, scotch yoke and linear designs. Rack and pinion actuators provide the most economical on-off and modulating control for small to medium quarter-turn valves. The efficient scotch yoke design creates high break-out torques making them suitable for quarter-turn valves up to the largest sizes. All three configurations have been designed to provide maximum torque output with minimum supply pressure and are available in double-acting and spring return formats. Scotch yoke and linear designs are also available in quick-acting variants.

Quarter Turn

Product Torque Temperature
ALGA/ALGAS/ALGAS-QA to 750,000 Nm -30°C to +100°C
Morin A 4,700 Nm -29°C to +99°C
Morin S 158,200 Nm -29°C to +99°C
RPD/RPS to 3,700 Nm -30°C to +100°C
TPD/TPS compact pneumatic actuators 300,000 Nm -20°C to + 100°C


Product Torque Temperature
PLA/PLAS - -30°C to +100°C