Your industry is changing 

Nations across the globe right now are struggling to meet the world’s burgeoning power requirements. 

With worries about the shortage of oil reserves being matched by a growing concern for the increase in greenhouse gases worldwide, the demands for coal, gas, nuclear, hydro and solar power generators to increase output whilst improving efficiency have never been greater. 

Actuation gives you the advantage 

As the industry seeks new ways to develop this precious resource faster, safer and more efficiently, Biffi is using its extensive and unrivalled experience in valve actuation to help power producers meet the challenge. 

The fact is that actuators control all the critical parts of any power plant - and as facilities and processes become more complex, the need for better valve actuator solutions will become an even greater priority. 

Meet the challenge with Biffi 

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of standard and customised valve actuators, Biffi’s global presence and engineering capabilities have seen us become the partner of choice for many of the biggest names in power generation. 

We provide a range of standard actuation solutions for the entire power spectrum, from traditional coal operations to nuclear and renewable energy applications. Furthermore, Biffi can also customise actuators to meet your specific requirements and deliver expert support, whatever your location worldwide. 

In short, we’re dedicated to helping you create an infrastructure in the power industry that will be efficient, safe and sustainable for years to come.

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