Water & Waste Water

Your industry is changing 

In recent years, population growth and climate change have had a massive impact on the world’s water supply. Traditional water sources such as dams and reservoirs have rapidly become exhausted, which in turn has created an urgent need for alternative ways of creating of drinking water, such as desalination and recycling. 

This presents the water industry with a major challenge. How can it best develop processes that maximize the continuity of supply, whilst at the same time updating its own aging and inefficient infrastructure? 

Actuation gives you the advantage 

As the drive to secure tomorrow’s water continues, managing water and waste treatment plants is fast becoming a highly complex operation – and having advanced valve actuation is no longer just important, it’s critical. 

Today’s actuators are not only designed to operate in the harshest conditions and comply with the latest industry standards, but also to deliver even greater degrees of accuracy, reliability and safety. Which makes them essential to your business. 

Meet the challenge with Biffi

As one of the world’s leading manufacturers of actuators, Biffi’s products and support have long proved vital in helping customers to find the most efficient ways to desalinate, transport, treat and distribute water. 

Whether you are looking for a different water source, building a new plant or pipeline, or optimizing an existing one, we are constantly looking to develop actuation solutions that will allow you to realise your aims. 

You need products and services that increase plant efficiency and lifespan to ensure a consistent water supply. And we’re responding with technologies that will help you increase energy efficiency, cut maintenance costs, optimize plant and pipeline performance and ensure you meet the growing number of environmental regulations.

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